HP Z6 Tower G4 Specification

HP Z6 right view

HP Z6 Tower G4 Workstation


No matter what the future holds, you’ll have all the performance you need. This machine can handle today’s heaviest workloads like visualization and computation design, and still has room to expand as your industry demands change.



Product Designer standing at her desk with dual monitors using the Z6 Make quick design decisions with high-end processing and graphics performance. Visualize in real-time and quickly analyze real-world simulation results. Then move your project to VR for high-resolution, immersive reviews.


Animate, model, simulate and render with confidence knowing that performance and reliability come standard. Take your projects to the next level by creating fully-immersive virtual reality experiences. Animator using a Z6 and dual monitors

HP Z6 Tower G4 Specification


Architects looking over their work Say goodbye to system lags and crashes even on the most complex, BIM workflows. Get blazing fast render speeds and near real-time simulation results. Then, easily move your projects to a VR experience for customer presentations and design reviews.


We know seamless performance is critical for your graphics and compute-heavy workflows. Power through complex design iterations with 48 high-performing cores, advanced pro graphics and a monumental 384 GB of memory.

The Z6 desktop with dual monitors

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